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Ben's presentation

Par Romane AUZEL, publié le lundi 13 novembre 2023 21:48 - Mis à jour le mardi 21 novembre 2023 14:00
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Three pupils met Ben to ask questions about him. Here is a little presentation of him ;


"His name is Benjamin Adin KLAMKA but we can call him Ben, it's his nickname. Ben is 23 years old and is Americain. He has a younger brother, his name is Josh. Ben doesn't have a girlfriend, so he is single.
He is favourite sport is basketball, in addition he likes football. Indeed, his favourite players are Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé.
Also, he understands french, moreover he speaks spanish.
Ben is studing to become a teaching assistant.
He sometimes plays video games.
Ben loves eating junk food at Mc Donald in France. His favourite restaurant in USA is Taco Bell.
In United Sates of America, he lives in New-York. But, currently he lives in France because life is expensive in his citty. 
He is afraid of spiders and the bed bug.
Ben has two cats because, he loves animals !
He enjoys horse riding indeed he did it twice.
Ben is keen on to watch and read Harry Potter !
His favourite movie is "Barbie", but he can't bear horror movies.
In addition, his favorite brand of Clothing is Under Armour.
Finally, Ben is funny and friendly person !"